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Lunch & Learn – Analyzing Worker Shortage

Date - 04/21/2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Chamber office (206 E. Court St., WCH)

Bring your own lunch and join us as we delve into the issue of the worker shortage. This is a topic that affects all of us. Rather it’s an issue of hiring for our own businesses or dealing with product shortages and backlogs, we need to understand the dynamics at play.

Almost two years into the pandemic with abating unemployment rates and loosening restrictions, the labor market is not seeing the influx of returning workers as expected. Join John Trott, Executive Director of the Greater Ohio Workforce Board, as he explores existing barriers, influences, and shifts in behavior resulting in eligible participants not returning to the Ohio labor market. John will focus on two topics:

1) the reasons Ohioans are citing for not participating in the workforce and

2) using the innovative approach of large-scale social media listening as a means to gather unfiltered, unedited qualitative data from individuals.

There is no cost for Chamber Members, but please RSVP below

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