By August 11, 2021 September 10th, 2021 News
Fayette County Chamber of Commerce Members, the 2021-2022 year is in full swing!
I hope you had the chance to come and see us at the Fayette County Fair Harness Races last month. We had perfect weather, great races, wonderful sponsors, and lots of give-a-way prizes!
Thank you to all of our sponsors! It was a fun night and the community loved it!
I’m working hard on making sure I have the most updated information for all of our members. If you haven’t had the chance to fill out the Membership Information Form sent with your dues invoice, please do so. This lets me know of any changes and helps us put accurate information on our website. We want people to find you!
Don’t forget, you can always renew your membership dues through the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce website.