It is with great excitement that I introduce myself as President of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce. As a lifelong resident of Fayette County, I have developed a strong passion for my community, I want to see it strengthen and grow. Over the last several years I have been able to work alongside the Chamber of Commerce as a member and see what a strong partner it can be. My hope is to continue the tradition of building relationships, providing opportunities for growth, and collaborating powerfully with the business community.

The mission of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce is to advance the civic, economic, and social welfare of the people of Fayette County.

My goal for this upcoming year is to listen to what you, our members, need; and to find out how we, the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, can come along beside you, build you up, strengthen you, and not only help you meet your needs as a company but your goals as well. I look forward to learning how we can work together for the building and strengthening of your business and our community.

Kristy Bowers
Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

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