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I will start with a couple of housekeeping items. Last week, the chamber experienced an email server outage. This issue lasted about 36 hours. If you emailed me and I have not replied, please reach out. More than likely, I have not received your email. Also, please remember to not hit ‘REPLY’ to these email updates. Due to firewall settings, I do not always receive the replies. My email is and I can be reached at anytime by a direct email.
Fayette County remains a ‘red’ county and will do so until the Thursday update from the Ohio Department of Health and the Governor. As of today, 82 of our 88 counties are considered ‘High-Incidence Counties.’ Please be mindful when out in public, while shopping and with those not currently living in your household.
TechCred Registration deadline! Friday, October 30, 2020
What Is TechCred?
TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a technology-infused economy.
Many of these trainings can be completed online!
These technology-focused credentials take a year or less to complete and prepare current and future employees for the technology jobs Ohio employers need.