August 18, 2020
Thank you to those of you who joined us this morning for our “PPP Forgiveness” webinar. Alex Kohls of the U.S. Department of Small Business Administration led us through the guidelines for loan forgiveness and welcomed our members’ questions. It was an informative session, and if you find yourself in need of answers, please feel free to call the office.
I met with Lt. Governor Husted’s staff today regarding the TechCred program offered by the state. The current round of enrollment is open through August 31st. To support Ohio businesses and workers’ changing needs during this period of economic recovery, the following changes have been made to the TechCred program:
  • To make TechCred more flexible for upskilling new hires, employers are no longer required to list employee names when applying for TechCred. Instead, they will identify the number of current or prospective employees they will upskill.
  • To account for possible staffing changes, employers who were awarded in the October 2019, January 2020, and March 2020 rounds of TechCred may now substitute employees listed in their original application.
  • Employers awarded in October 2019 and January 2020, who had credential programs interrupted by the crisis, may request to extend their 18-month award eligibility timeline.
  • Employees can now earn multiple credentials during each application period.
Further information can be found here or by calling our office. This is a great opportunity to upskill your employees and position your organization for growth.
Gov. Mike DeWine announced an order Tuesday that provides guidance on how organized sports in Ohio are to be conducted. The order applies to all sports levels, from professional to youth, and allows them to move forward with competitions. The complete order will be available online tomorrow and can be found by following this link. Additionally, he announced he would deliver guidelines for the performing arts sector later this week.
Have a great Tuesday evening!