Good afternoon.
As we are aware, cases of the coronavirus continue to spike in areas throughout our state. With that in mind, today Governor DeWine announced the following changes to current orders:
  • Beginning 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 23, 2020 all Ohioans will be required to wear face masks while in public.
  • Masks are required when indoors at any location other than your home.
  • Masks must be worn outdoors if you are unable to maintain an appropriate social distance from those not residing in your household.
  • When waiting for or riding in public transportation.
This order is for all Ohioans 10 years of age and older but the following exclusions do apply:
  • Those with a medical condition or a disability or those communicating with someone with a disability
  • Those who are actively exercising or playing sports
  • Those who are officiants at religious services
  • Those active involved in public safety
  • Those who are actively eating or drinking

A ‘Travel Advisory’ has been issued for the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, South Carolina, and Texas. If you have visited or plan to visit one of these states, you are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days once returning home.

The official order discussed during today’s news conference has not yet been published on the coronavirus webpage. Up-to-date information can be accessed by visiting coronavirus.ohio.gov.
I am happy to leave you with a bit of good news. Lt. Governor Husted reported that Ohio saw a 10.9% unemployment rate for the month of June. Since the reopening of Ohio, our unemployment rate has continued to decline.
Wishing you all a great evening,