Good afternoon. As guidance, orders, and recommendations change, I have tried to always attach the most up to date information. Those links have been available at the bottom of each daily newsletter. Recently, several sectors have received sweeping changes to their mandates shortly after their initial publication. I will not be attaching each specific link today but recommend visiting the coronavirus web page for the most up to date information should you have questions regarding any of the mandates. Once on the page, you can search for sector-specific guidelines, public health orders, and responsible protocols, to name a few.
As many of our businesses begin to gradually reopen, several are still operating from an online platform. Our friends at the Small Business Development Center are hosting a ‘Tips & Tricks for Online Marketing – REOPENING EDITION’ webinar this Friday, May 29, 2020. The cost is free for our members but reservations must be made by emailing Melissa Carter. This is a great opportunity to get your business primed and ready for the great things that surely will come!
Wishing you all a great evening!