Good afternoon! Today, we have several updates and additional sector openings.
Governor DeWine announced the cancellation of the Ohio State Fair. I am not positive, but I believe this is the first year in my life I will not be attending in some sort of exhibitor capacity. Whether it was my own project or that of my daughter, the state fair was a family affair.
Skills training for all sports can begin May 26, 2020, provided safe protocols are followed. This announcement will require a change in the Order to allow for the use of school facilities. Published guidance can be VIEWED HERE.
Guidance for general non-contact sports to include bowling, putt-putt, etc. can be VIEWED HERE.
Provided they can abide by the same restrictions as restaurants, catering and banquet facilities are permitted to reopen June 1, 2020. These restrictions include but are not limited to maintaining 6′ distance, the seating of groups by family, no buffet, no congregating, etc. As soon as the complete guidance is published, I will forward a copy to all.
On Tuesday, Governor DeWine announced the Director of Health would be writing a new Order that would rescind and maintain portions of the Stay Safe Ohio order. This new Order can be read in its entirety HERE. The breakdown of those revisions are as follows:
Section 3 – Stay at home or place of residence. This order is rescinded effective May 20, 2020.
Section 5 – Prohibited and permitted travel. This section has been amended to now read that persons who have tested positive, are presumptively diagnosed or are exhibiting symptoms shall not enter the State unless under medical orders or are a permanent resident of the State.
Section 15 – Travel. This section, in its entirety, is rescinded.
Indoor dining gets the green light today! Please support our member businesses, their staff, and our community in the coming days. I know they’ve worked extremely hard to get their restaurants up to code and look forward to serving you and yours!
Have a great evening,