This afternoon, the governor announced the state is moving from state-mandated orders to strong recommendations. The new recommendations, entitled “Urgent Health Advisory-Ohioans Protecting Ohioans” states we must continue to do our part to keep Ohio healthy. Many of the current orders for social distancing, a limited number of people (less than 10) at any gathering, and proper sanitation remain in the new health advisory. Once this advisory is available in print format, I will forward it for your review.
Travel bans have been lifted for the state of Ohio.
This week, the BWC will begin delivering over 2 million face covers to Ohio employers. Employers covered by the BWC (public and private) will receive a packet of 50 masks in the coming days. If you receive more masks than you need, please forward those to an employer who can use them. The purchase of the masks by BWC will not affect your premium.
In these uncertain times, saving money is of the utmost importance. To that end, the chamber is proud to provide another member-benefit and option for energy savings. To date, several of our members have taken advantage of this program and are experiencing significant savings. Click the link below to register for the informational meeting!
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