Good afternoon!

I know many of you are as excited as I am to see those ‘OPEN’ signs hanging in our retail establishment windows tomorrow! I ask that as consumers, we remain vigilant with the actions that have kept us safe this far. While it is tempting to hug another customer or shop owner we haven’t seen in weeks; we must refrain. The most important thing at this very moment is to SHOP LOCAL. These business owners are our friends and neighbors, selling their items to our friends and neighbors and paying local taxes that support our community. My husband asked if I had a list of things I wanted to buy once the shops opened… I replied that I was ready to do my part to stimulate the Fayette County economy!

Last week, we provided a door hanger for business owners that state the precautions the business is taking and what the business expects from its customers. For your convenience, I am attaching the printable PDF again. I can’t wait to see you all – even if it is from an appropriate distance! We wish our retail businesses the best of luck!

Consumer, Retail & Other Services Guidelines

JobsOhio and the Department of Liquor Control announced today they will provide a $500 rebate for eligible bars and restaurants. ODL has provided a FAQ sheet with directions that I am attaching to this email.

One-Time Liquor Rebate Program FAQ

Restaurant and Bar Guidelines

As of tomorrow, 89% of Ohio’s economy will be open for business.  Many protocols are still being discussed and written as our leaders work to get Ohio 100% open. At this point, the governor and his team are not ready to provide guidelines for the reopening of day care centers. We will pass along that protocol once it is received.

Dr. Acton spoke today regarding the reporting of positive cases within your business. It is imperative that, even if the COVID-positive employee resides in another county, you contact the Fayette County Department of Public Health. I am attaching a letter from Deputy Health Commissioner, Leigh Cannon, for your review. If you have any questions, please contact us. Confirmed Case Notification

At this point, we have received the hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and the KN95 masks we ordered as a part of the Supply Share program. Per my phone conversation with the supplier this morning, he expects our delivery of dust masks to be made on Tuesday, May 12th. You will be receiving a phone call from us as soon as the delivery truck arrives!

Have a great Monday evening,