As we discuss Ohio’s plans for a strategic plan to reopen, I’d like to take a moment to thank Fayette County for all you have done to slow the spread of the virus, protect your employees, and for the patience and grace you have shown during this unprecedented time. It has not been easy, it is not going to be easy to open, but we will continue to get through this together.

Today, Governor DeWine relayed the following orders. I have listed the effective date and some highlights of the new rules and regulations. The graphics the governor used in today’s press conference are also included below and contain each mandate and each recommendation.

May 1, 2020 – Health Care

  • All health care procedures that DO NOT require an overnight stay in a hospital, can be performed.
  • Dentists can open offices at full capacity.
  • Veterinarians can open offices at full capacity.

May 4, 2020 – Manufacturing, Distribution and Construction and General Office Environments

  • All employees, customers and visitors to wear masks.
  • Whether these businesses have been open or not, effective May 4, 2020, all manufacturing, distribution and construction operations can operate at full capacity.
  • General Office Environments can open at full capacity. IF you are an office-type employer and are able to operate from home in an efficient manner, you are asked to continue this practice for the time being.

May 12, 2020 – Consumer Retail and Services

  • All employees and customers will wear masks.
  • Occupancy shall not exceed 50% of fire code.

For the general population, the 10 people maximum gathering continues.

Should you wish to review the State of Ohio’s website for further guidance, follow THIS LINK.Each industry is specifically listed with graphics and guidelines.

As always, call our office with your questions. We are working closely with Fayette County Public Health to provide guidance, support and assistance.

There are brighter, better days ahead!

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