Good afternoon. As we begin the move from sheltering in place to cautious and strategic openings, our focus is forward. We are working diligently on a plan to help you grow through your new normal. This plan is solely focused on you, our members. Supporting, promoting and providing educational opportunities that will help you prosper. There is a fine line between saving lives and livelihoods – we want to help you do both.

The governor spoke today about the ‘Path Forward to Restart.’ The three components to this path are public health measures and compliance, protecting the vulnerable, and businesses operating safely with safeguards.

For those currently shuttered, you must begin to look at ways to implement the following safety measures. If your company is thinking outside the box and have implemented a great safety idea, please email me! I would love to include it in our email. At this time, we can all learn from each other. Note-this list is not the official list mandated by the governor, but these are the measures he discussed today. As soon as a final list is published, I will include it in my emails.

  • Barriers: Employee to employee and employee to customer
  • 6-10′ distance between employees and customers
  • Constant attention to cleaning of high contact surfaces
  • Allowing ample time and a suitable place for handwashing (This pertains to employees and customers)
  • Staggered start times and break times
  • Temperature checks prior to entrance of the workplace
  • Continued telework, where available

As a reminder, the Save Small Business Fund application process opens Monday. I am including that information again today. This is GRANT money. No need to repay – but a great opportunity to fortify your business.

To extend a helping hand to small businesses suffering from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation – in partnership with Vistaprint and a coalition of supporting companies, foundations, and philanthropic donors – is working to provide financial relief through the Save Small Business Fund. This fund is a key pillar of the U.S. Chamber’s Save Small Business Initiative.

The Fund is providing $5,000 in short-term relief to employers across the United States, including chambers of commerce. These one-time supplemental cash grants are for businesses that have between three and 20 employees and operate in an economically vulnerable community. Our community is eligible.

The grant application will go live on Monday, April 20 at 3:00 PM ET. To apply for a grant, visit savesmallbusiness.com.

I am extremely happy to report we have now have guidance for our independent contractor’s and self employed individuals. A link to the full guide provided to us by our partners at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can be found by following THIS LINK.

The governor announced today that he would not be hosting any press conferences this weekend. Should I receive any pertinent updates from our other partners, I will forward those as I receive them. Until then, fill out the census form, remember to request your absentee ballot or fill it out if it is sitting on the kitchen table. I hope you can enjoy your weekend!

Stay well-=