Good afternoon.

The Governor signed an order today requiring all nursing homes to make notification within 24 hours if any staff member or resident tests positive for COVID-19.  It has been nice to see on social media, the tireless efforts of our nursing homes.  They have worked extremely hard to provide some normalcy to their residents while also taking care of their employees.  We applaud the hard work – your job is not easy!

It is reported that many companies are purchasing rapid COVID-19 tests for their employees and sometimes even customers. If you are purchasing such tests, Governor DeWine states you can determine the legitimacy of these available tests on the FDA website. This website is updated daily with a list of approved vendors supplying legitimate tests. Unfortunately, there will always be someone trying to take advantage of our current situation.

Issues with the unemployment system continue. I have received multiple calls from individuals seeking answers. At this time, I have only the publicized phone number and website. Many have applied and are still awaiting their payments. According to Director Kim Hall of the ODJFS, they expect the distribution of the $600 Pandemic Unemployment payment to begin late next week. This is the additional benefit that is being paid along with the standard unemployment Ohioans are receiving due to this pandemic. As many await their benefits, Lt. Governor Husted announced today the list of available critical jobs continues to grow. At this time, 642 employers are looking to fill over 40,000 jobs. If you are furloughing employees, please direct them to coronavirus.ohio.gov and click the jobs tab.

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