04.10.2020 Update

By April 11, 2020 April 23rd, 2020 COVID-19 Local Updates


Good Friday afternoon.

In today’s news conference, Governor DeWine announced the Ohio Department of Transportation has created free permits for food trucks to sell food at Ohio rest areas to truck drivers and other essential travelers.

The chamber has received several calls asking if agriculture is ‘essential.’ Yes, agriculture IS essential. Lt. Governor Husted reiterated that statement today and reminded all involved in the vocation of farming that they are also required to provide a safe work area for all employees.

As of today, 614 critical employers have posted 38,000 available jobs. These positions must be filled. Please direct friends, family, and neighbors to coronavirus.ohio.gov to search openings. Additionally, there are several open positions in Fayette County that need to be filled immediately. Visit our website https://fayettecountyohio.com/employment/ to view positions posted by our members.

Unfortunately, the unemployment portal for 1099 workers is still not complete. As the state receives guidance from the federal government, they will build that portal, and I will announce when it is available for submissions. As a reminder, even though it has been several weeks that many of you have been without a paycheck, your payment will be retroactive to the first day of unemployment.

I hope that in some way, you can enjoy a bit of this weekend with those you love. We are planning to leave Easter messages on my parents’ patio in chalk. It certainly is not the same, but we will make the best of a bad situation. Make a point to bring a little joy to someone you love.

Happy Easter,

CONTACT: Joe Denen, City Manager
PHONE: 740-636-2340
Date of Release: 4/10/20
Washington Court House
Easter Appeal

We have all enjoyed the Spring weather. Hopefully, we have enjoyed the outdoors while remembering to observe our current need to maintain distance.

Spring is an inspiration for our current situation. After Winter, the natural world of green returns to us. Imagine that you were not familiar with the change of season. Think how difficult it would be deep in the cold short days of Winter to realize that the relative warmth and comfort of Spring was just around the next corner. Hopefully, you read or hear this before the 40-degree forecast.

The temporary closure of many businesses and separation from people dear to us challenges our resolve. Easter of spiritual importance for many and a time of family for nearly all of us will test our character. If we throw aside caution and gather to celebrate Easter, we will compromise our safety and threaten our community’s health.
I know that we grow tired of the burden. I know that many of us face economic suffering. I know that many will not care to hear a call for continued vigilance.

Not long ago, the sweet smell of newly mown grass was a memory. Now that memory of the smell of fresh grass clippings is again a friendly reality. So too shall normal life return to us. Our separation and our communal challenge is not at and end, but neither is our challenge a permanent condition.

We have an opportunity to act in a manner that when remembered will bring from within ourselves pride. If we continue our discipline and encourage others so to do, we will limit the loss of life and suffering and hasten the return of familiar daily life.

Thank You, Joe Denen, City Manager