By August 14, 2017Recent

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Team recently visited OhioMeansJobs Fayette County to officially welcome them to the Chamber. Located inside Southern State Community College, OhioMeansJobs is a multi-partner organization, primarily made up of Fayette County Jobs and Family Services and Southern State Community College, with other State and local agencies.

The business/government partnership is dedicated to bringing coordinated services to the residents and business community of Fayette County. Mike Cooper, OhioMeansJobs Director explains, “There are currently 5 full time staff on site, with up to another 10 partners that could be on site at any time. We assist local patrons in developing skills to obtain employment in our local community.  We also assist local employers in fulfilling their employment needs by offering job advertising, on-the-job training, and pre-employment testing”

The central location that allows staff to work with individuals to remove barriers and assist with employment opportunities.  The office is open Monday through Friday from 8am-430pm at 1270 US Hwy 62 SW.